(Photo Courtesy of blairwitch.com)

By AVA ANDREWS, Guest Writer

Having no prior knowledge, or even a slight idea, as to what the original was about, my friends and I decide to see the new Blair Witch movie.  We waltz into the movie theater at about the time the movie is supposed to start, and upon asking the teller we find out the movie is a sequel and, in his mind, essentially crap.  He has hardly sold any tickets and the movie had just been released the prior day.  Of course he mentions this after we all had already paid.  We just shake our heads and head into the theater where we find he has not lied to us- we are virtually the only people there. We pick seats at the very back with large popcorn buckets and low expectations.

Luckily, Blair Witch went above and beyond those low expectations.  To say that it was the best horror movie I have seen is an understatement. Unlike most scary movies, it has an interesting and well-thought out plot with relatable characters that only sometimes make frustrating decisions obviously leading to death. A whole new cast and a briefing on the lore surrounding the woods and the Blair Witch makes it so there’s really no need to see the first movie.  

What really makes this movie exceptional is the timeline. I’ve always been drawn to movies with fragmented time, and Blair Witch executes it well by dropping subtle hints that something is off instead of coming right out and saying it.  The viewer is left puzzling over the strange occurrences until the very end when everything loops together in a nice little horrific package.  

Another great element of the movie is that it doesn’t focus on only one way to scare the viewer. It incorporates gore, things popping out, psycho locals and of course, the underlying tension throughout the movie of seeing the Blair Witch in the flesh. Constant, edge-of-your-seat action and extremely graphic scenes left me with nightmares for at least a week, but I would strongly recommend this movie to any horror movie lover looking for a good scare this October!