(Aubree Stamper/MJ)

By AMBER AINSWORTH, Editor-in-Chief

Student Activities Board (SAB) and the CIViC relocated to new homes this semester, a move intended to benefit both.

The CIViC moved up to room 2116 of the University Center, while SAB now occupies the CIViC’s former space in the cafeteria area of the UC.

Talks of a location change began last year when Melissa Booth, Coordinator for Civic Engagement, asked the Office for Student Engagement (OSE) about the possibility of getting a more private space for the campus pantry.

In its former location, the pantry was in an area nearly always populated.

(Amber Ainsworth/MJ)
The campus food pantry in its new location. (Amber Ainsworth/MJ)

When changing spaces was mentioned to SAB by Dr. Reetha Raveendran, members were open to the idea, so over the summer Booth was approached with news that the pantry may be relocated.

Despite the pantry now being in a smaller room, Booth said it is roughly the same size as it used to be; the pantry was previously sharing space with Picasso, the campus’s food service, and was cramped.

“It wasn’t very welcoming,” Booth said. The pantry has the same amount of shelves as it had downstairs.

Additionally, the CIViC is an extension of the OSE, so it is closer to OSE in its new space.

The private location is more ideal.

“Through informal assessment, a number of students have expressed that they like this location better,” Booth said. “Food insecurity is a thing that a lot of people are conscious about, and that is sometimes a sensitive issue. Sometimes people are going through things that they don’t necessarily want everyone else to know about.”

The pantry, started in the summer of 2012, serves students enrolled at the University of Michigan-Dearborn in need.

SAB also benefited from the move, as being in a more central location gives more visibility than a second floor office. Booth said she was often approached with questions from students while in that space that SAB would be better suited to answer.

Members of SAB said in the new area, it is easier to answer questions and work toward the organization’s mission “to increase student and campus life through the creation of memorable moments.”

According to the SAB Team, the new location has been a success so far, as constant exposure is helping for students to be reached; events put on by SAB are also easier to advertise.

According to SAB Team, “It truly feels like an organization for the students.”

Members of SAB been playing music and having multiple students in the office at the same time, moves that get attention and show the fun organization that SAB is.