(Alexis Gable/MJ)

By AMBER AINSWORTH, Editor-in-Chief

A campus tradition, students took a dip in the Chancellor’s Pond on Wednesday, Oct. 19 during the homecoming boat races.

Six student organizations crafted boats out of nothing but cardboard and duct tape to race across the pond during the superhero themed races.

Participants had to get their boats across the pond and back again to complete the race. Only one organization—the Society of Women Engineers (SWE)—was able to complete the task in one piece. All of the other organizations’ boats fell apart or sank.

The SWE boat held up even after sitting in the water while the other teams prepared their boats to race.

The SWE won the speedy award.

Bre Cappuccilli, one of two students that built the boat, said it took about six hours to make the winning boat.

A soaked Sara Alqaragholy rode in a boat built by Students for Justice in Palestine. At the end of the race, it was a crumbled mess that was so heavy she couldn’t pull it out of the water.

(Alexis Gable/MJ)
Sara Alqaragholy swims in the pond after the boat she was riding in sank during the race. (Alexis Gable/MJ)

Alqaragholy expected the boat would tip and had a feeling she would get as wet as she did.

“At least I got it across and back,” she said, adding that she was glad it wasn’t cold before she headed off to change into dry clothes.

Her organization won the award for the boat with the most spirit.

One boat, built by Campus Video Network, hardly made it into the water before the organization decided to pull it from the races because it wouldn’t hold up.

The Student Activities Board (SAB) won the award for best dressed, while the Black Student Union won the deep dive award for a graceful sinking that included partially swimming with the boat.

SAB’s Bat Boat went down fairly quickly.

Sinking is all part of the fun, as the cheers from spectators only got louder as riders in the boats dipped into the water. Even when they fell out of their boats, they were told to get back in and keep going.

Did that really work out?

Judging by how wet most of the participants were, it didn’t appear so. But that’s the best part.

Oh, and in addition to attempting to get cardboard to float across the pond, students had another obstacle to encounter- some geese enjoying the pond before the races began that didn’t seem too thrilled by the races, eventually fleeing once the boats got close.

At the end of the event, students pulled the remains of their boats through the mud. Well, not all of the organizations did… The SWE were an exception.