(Photo courtesy of smtown.com)


SM’s most popular boy group EXO’s rise to the top continues with the formation of their first sub group EXO CBX, the subunit consists of the three members, Baekhyun, Chen, and Xiumin. They released their first mini album Hey Mama  on Oct. 31, 2016 in Korea, (debuting here in the U.S. on Oct. 30, 2016) the album has five songs with sounds ranging from pop, to funk and even some disco beats laced through the background.

The album opens with “The One” Baekyhun, Chen and Xiumin are heard shouting excitably in the opening matches their fun personalities as the song flows into an electronic beat over matching harmonies, the lyrics talking about being entranced by a beautiful girl and the affect she has on them.

“Hey Mama” the title track of the album, was also released with their debut music video featuring the three members of the unit in vintage clothing and glasses, showcasing the range of their talented vocalist Chen, a rap from Xiumin and Baekyhun’s smooth vocals over the chorus along with only the seamless style of choreography that EXO expertly pull off in their music videos. The colorful and vintage-style music video was released on YouTube the same day of the debut and is already surpassing 4.5 million views in less than 24 hours of it’s premiere.

“Rhythm After Summer” is a song featuring a funk and disco introduction as it transitions into a funky dance anthem, the song talking about how when the sun goes down how it is better to have someone wrapped in their arms. A fun dance track

“Juliet” is a mid tempo pop song with sultry vocals of the boys talking about the dream girl they have named as Juliet, how in their dreams she is the perfect girl for them, the song slows down to low R&B beats where the three croon about the girl of their dreams, and how she is attainable in their dreams and they will wish of her. The song shows strong vocals from the three vocalist members.

The album closes with “Cherish” the trio talks again about the beauty of a girl, and how wonderful she is and how they would do their best to cherish her and make her feel special. The beats featuring horns and upbeat tempos with catchy lyrics makes it a fun song to sing along to.

EXO CBX is doing well, their album is a salute to fun funky pop music, with strong vocals and stunning visuals in their music video pulled together with flawless dancing. The album is available to stream on Spotify and can be bought from iTunes.