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Chinese artist and K-pop idol Lay, or Zhang Yixing, released his first solo album titled Lose Control on Thurs. Oct. 27 and it’s already breaking major records across China and Korea.

Lay is the main dancer of the popular K-pop group EXO and also the first Chinese artist under SM Entertainment to have his own studio set up in China where he has a rapidly growing solo career in singing, variety, and acting. 

With over 200,000 pre-orders placed, everyone had high expectations for the release. The album was composed and produced by Lay himself and shows off his well-rounded artistry; from his part in the making of the music videos and the choreography, to his singing, rapping, and dancing.

The album opens with the title song “Lose Control,” a slow R&B track with a sweet acoustic guitar melody where Lay sings about being trapped in a woman’s world. The music video showcases its’ sensual choreography with Lay dancing in the water in front of a full moon.

The next song “What U Need” was first released on Oct. 7, the singer’s birthday, as a present to the fans. It’s a playful track with a catchy chorus and a fun dance. The video features the popular dancers from 1Million dance studio and a butt-slapping dance move that made the fans go crazy.

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The slow love-song “Tonight” comes next with some powerful vocals from Lay in the chorus. “MYM” or “Make You Mine,” which is accompanied by an acoustic version, was originally performed by Lay over a year ago and fans have been asking for a studio version ever since. The popular dance to it, which features some pelvic thrusting, made it an instant fan favorite.

The album wraps up with “Relax,” a slow electronic R&B track with soft auto-tune vocals.

Lose Control sold over 47,000 copies on the first day of it’s release, the most for a male solo album in Korea, and as of Mon. Oct. 31 it had sold over 63,000 copies. The album is a romantic R&B collection with heartfelt lyrics that the fans have been waiting for a very long time for.

You can check out the album on Spotify or iTunes now!