(Aubree Stamper/MJ)


On Thursday Nov. 3, 2016 a night of glitz and glamour at the Gem Theatre took place, where models took to the runway with jaw-dropping garments and sizzling looks. At first glance you wouldn’t believe that a model is wearing a dress constructed entirely of wallpaper or veneer.

The International Interior Design Association (IIDA) put on their sixth annual FINISH2FASHION show in Detroit, the evening’s theme was Hollywood, and 14 teams had three months to put together a piece that would be presented on the runway. Looks ranged from vintage Hollywood glamour to modern pieces which featured LED lights as parts of the garments and tear away pieces revealing another outfit hidden beneath.

Interior design materials were donated by sponsors of the event, and the teams had to construct a Hollywood-inspired look as part of their challenge at the beginning of the evening. Program guests were handed a ballot to vote for their favorite looks and all proceeds from the event were donated to the IIDA, which helps fund the fashion show.  

Many participants of the show were interior design students, IIDA being a strong presence at their schools.

“I think it’s always in our blood for a creative challenge,” Brandi Wiess, a designer from DL Couch said about her experience in the show.

FINISH2FASHION challenged interior designers to think outside of the box, to use materials that wouldn’t be otherwise be wearable and find ways to construct materials to be made into a wearable piece.

Designer Amanda Keith spoke about her and her team pulling inspiration from vintage Hollywood celebrities, blending it with modern designs and looks seen on the red carpet today.

“I jumped at the chance, I love fashion. It’s just a really fun way to express interior materials.”  Keith said.

The evening was full of glamour, surprises and impeccable work from interior designers turned fashion designers. FINISH2FASHION is a look into how creative  design and how interior design can intermix.

“No limits, no bounds, when you think of what you wear everyday. Think outside of that and put on a show, of what could it be.” Keith encourages anyone who would want to try this out in the future or for the first time.