(Miranda Karanfili/MJ)


Troye Sivan crooned to an almost sold out crowd on Monday, Nov. 7  at The Fillmore in Detroit. Fans had eagerly lined up outside of the theatre and down the block waiting to get inside for the show.

Sivan is no stranger to Detroit; the singer opened up about it being his fourth time performing in the Motor City, and how he loves performing for his fans there.

Opening acts Frankie and Dua Lipa helped whip the crowd up into a frenzy before Sivan took the stage. When he came out, the house lights dimmed and the stage lights strobed. He began his set with his hit song “Wild”.

(Miranda Karanfili/MJ)
(Miranda Karanfili/MJ)

Fans weren’t able to contain their glee when the Australian singer hit the stage. The entire theatre within the first few lines of the song was already singing along and showing their dedication to Sivan.

After his first set, Sivan thanked his fans for coming out to the show and went on to talk about how portions of his ticket sales would be going to The Ally Coalition, which supports LGBTQ causes that fight against discrimination through education and advocacy. The singer has been vocal of his support of the LGBTQ community, especially after coming out on his YouTube channel in 2013.

The show went on, with him performing “Happy Little Pill,” the song that catapulted the 21-year-old into fame.

After the song, he took a moment to talk about the video of the penguin cheating on its mate that circulated the internet. Sivan then came out to dressed in a penguin onesie eliciting laughter and a lot of pictures from the fans where he joked, “I better not see these on the internet later!”

He even took a moment to take a fan’s phone, taking a video on it with the entire audience at the show.

Sivan slowed down the end of the show with an emotional performance of “Talk Me Down” when the theatre was illuminated by flashing lights of fans’ phones. He ended the show with an encore of his widely popular song “Youth.” He held his microphone out to fans and their voices echoed  the song back to him.

He promised that he would be releasing new music soon, so if you couldn’t catch him on his Suburbia Tour, keep an eye out on the Australian singer for new music on the horizon.