The 1975 made a stop in Ypsilanti on Friday, Nov. 11, as part of their North American tour, one of two stops in Michigan.

The band had a brilliant stage set up, with beautiful lighting and outstanding design, however these brilliant effects didn’t help the band’s set and lack of stage presence.

The show opened up with “Love Me.” After their first set of songs, lead singer Matt Healy introduced the band briefly, stating they were from Manchester and hoped their fans were having a good time at the arena.

Other than the brief introduction, Healy didn’t really interact with fans much, mostly just singing or smoking on stage as he performed songs from their new album  Like It When You Sleep, for You Are So Beautiful yet So Unaware of It.

Their set included many instrumental tracks where the band often played ambient style rock music fused with electronic beats, while colorful lighting and designs flashed on the screens that towered above the band on stage with many fans seen swaying along to the trippy beats.

Although the sound was unique, it was often that the music was a bit overpowering. The backtrack of songs was often too loud, drowning out Healy’s voice and making it difficult to hear him when the band would play.

This is the band’s first arena tour, as they usually play at smaller theatres and venues. Maybe as the tour goes along, they will better adjust the sound to match that for playing in arenas and larger venues.