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By AMBER AINSWORTH, Editor-in-Chief

It’s been a couple years of waiting and wondering for Childish Gambino fans.

The multitalented rapper released the STN MTN / Kauai EP in October of 2014 before disappearing from the music scene until this summer, when he tweeted a link to a mysterious countdown app. The app was counting down to the announcement of a show in Joshua Tree, Calif. in early September.

The show was apparently multiple performances of his new album, though it was largely secretive; fans were not allowed to bring phones into the shows and if videos happened to be captured and posted online, they were immediately removed.

Attendees of the concerts described the music in articles and on Twitter as straying from the rap Gambino had previously done.

According to Howl and Echoes, the music he performed at Joshua Tree was “a whole lot of soulful singing, that fuses elements of funk, jazz, soul, blues, hip-hop and pop”.

After the shows, Gambino went quiet about the new album, instead releasing Atlanta, an FX show that he created, wrote, directed and starred in.

On Nov. 9, Gambino tweeted a photo with the caption ““…Awaken, My Love!””

The next day, he tweeted a link to a site where you could play a new song, listen to it on streaming services or purchase the track.

“Me and Your Mama” is far from any song Gambino has ever released before.

(Photo courtesy of twitter.com/donaldglover)
(Photo courtesy of twitter.com/donaldglover)

The over six-minute long track slides from genre to genre, with a two-minute intro before Gambino begins singing. A medley of instruments and sounds accompany jazzy vocals.

The change of pace was slightly expected after reading comments about his early September performances, though the song is so different that it was surprising. Plus, its release came seemingly out of nowhere.

And the song comes with even more news for Gambino fans: His newest album, Awaken, My Love!is coming Dec. 2.

So what exactly can be expected from the album? Well, anything really since Gambino has already showed he is OK with straying from his typical sound.

Judging solely by his newest track, his album is going to be experimental. He’s going to jump around different

genres, he’s going to mix in and layer different instruments, he’s going to let instruments lead the songs while he joins in with his vocals and he is going to sing, not rap (though maybe a rap verse or two will find its way into the songs).

The songs are going to be catchy like his previous work, though he is not trying to mimic his old songs. While his older work showcases his creativity lyrically, “Awaken, My Love!” will exemplify his creativity through his vocals.

Gambino is a unique artist (and writer and comedian and producer and actor and…), so the album is going to be representative of just how unique and talented he is.

Of course, that prediction could be completely wrong, though I’m betting the album will be a mixed bag of styles that come together beautifully.