(Aubree Stamper/MJ)


Alternative-rock band Emarosa blew the roof off of The Loving Touch in Ferndale on Sunday during their 2016 Fall Tour. Lilac Lungs, Cold Collective and Anarbor opened the show and warmed up the crowd before Emarosa took the stage with a thrilling performance.

Emarosa is a 6-member rock band based out of Lexington, Kentucky. The band has been active since 2006, but has only released two albums with their newest and most promising frontman Bradley Walden–Versus in 2014 and 131 in 2016.

The band opened their set with the emotional and powerful song “Hurt” which is also the opening song to their latest album 131. Walden, formerly of Detroit rock band Squid the Whale, is known for his unique antics and stage presence during shows, like jumping off stage and standing in the middle of the crowd to perform.

Throughout the show, fans belted out the lyrics to favorites such as “A Hundred Crowns,” “Helpless,” “1996 on Bevard,” “Miracle” and “I’ll Just Wait.” Walden also interacted with the fans from beginning to end–cracking jokes, handing them the mic to sing, and repeatedly thanking them for coming to the show.

Emarosa closed the show with “Mad” and “Cloud 9,” the two lead singles from their previous two albums, much to the crowd’s excitement.

The fans were constantly kept on their toes with the band’s lively performance, and were able to connect with each other through the soulful and passionate music.