(Logo courtesy of UM-Dearborn)

By MARY ALDIERI, Student Life Editor

Student government hosted the “Speak Out!” event in the University Center on Tuesday, Nov. 15 to give the students, faculty and staff of the campus an opportunity to voice their opinion on post election thoughts. Amid the hysteria and protesting, having a safe environment to express their opinion, served as the main factor during this event.

The event consisted of structural activities that were designed to help everyone in attendance to engage about their feelings and thoughts as a group. Each table had a white notecard and a pink notecard for each person. On the white note card attendees wrote their post-election feelings. Then, on the pink note card attendees wrote several ways on how they or someone they know felt unsafe at the moment. Notecards were then collected and distributed randomly around the other groups in the room. After everyone received their random anonymous notecards, everyone at the table went on to discuss how people are feeling and what can be possibly done so that people on campus can receive support.  

Fiana Arbab, President of Student Government at the University of Michigan- Dearborn, says, “the goal of this event was to create a space where students from quote unquote, ‘both sides’ from all sides really to come together and verbally be able to not only voice their thoughts and feelings, but also process it in honest and productive discourse.”

“I felt that we were really able to create a safe space where not only students, but also faculty and staff, were able to share their very honest and real feelings and then come together to formulate very tangible demands that will help us transform this university into a space where it is truly all inclusive” says Arbab.

The event was concluded by an open mic storytelling where attendees had the opportunity to go up in front of everyone to talk about their personal stories that they have encountered through this election.

“I felt that we did a really good job of not only voicing our inner personal concerns, but also recognizing our place and position of the institution as a part of the system and making structural changes and actually action planning; really breaking it down into specific parts and tangible things that can be done in order to move forward for transformation and progress” concluded Arbab about the event.