(Logo courtesy of UM-Dearborn)

By VINCENT CRAIG, Guest Writer

On Thursday, Dec. 1 the faculty of the University of Michigan- Dearborn came together for a holiday luncheon in Kochoff Hall. All staff and faculty were welcome to join Chancellor Daniel Little and see the people they have been working with all year.

The event included a buffet-style food setup, sweets, drinks and plenty of conversation. Staff and faculty could come and go as their job required, with many taking their meals to go and returning to the tasks of everyday work.

“My mind is on the food,” said custodial worker Walter Payne.

The event was hosted by Chancellor Little, who sat in the middle of the room laughing and conversing with his colleagues.

“It’s a great event for all staff and faculty. It allows them to see people they haven’t seen in months and get to know new people” said Little. 

It may seem odd for students to attend events meant for staff and faculty. However, some students also double as faculty, working for the university while attending UM-Dearborn. It’s not odd for all student-faculty members. 

“It’s not that weird to me. We mostly work with faculty,” said senior psychology major Tomas Mauricio. He works for the Office of Student Engagement helping students with life on campus. 

By the end of the event there was almost no food left, as faculty went back for seconds and even thirds. The meal seemed to be the most popular part of the event.

“The food was great. We got good, cost-efficient food,” said Chancellor Little. 

The event comes two and a half months after the beginning of the year’s open house, where the Chancellor welcomes in the new school year in Kochoff Hall.