(Photo courtesy of blog.rtconnections.com)

By AMBER AINSWORTH, Editor-in-Chief 

The past few days, Facebook has been taken over by photos of people that say, “I’m looking for (name), can you tag them?”

Usually the posts include something making fun of the person’s appearance, often their weight. 

This weekend, scrolling through Facebook meant passing one of these memes every few posts. They aren’t only annoying, they are cruel.

I am refraining from using any related photos in this post because I don’t want to contribute to the sharing of the images in any way.

What is apparently a joke to some is not funny in the slightest. There is no humor in taking a photo of a stranger and mocking them online, tagging friends in the photos of these people in attempt at a joke.

The people in the photos are real people. And to me, it is far from humorous to get a laugh at the expense of another human being’s looks.

It upsets me to imagine what the people in the photos being shared would think if they saw that a photo of them was being used in such a rude way.

No matter what someone may look like, there is absolutely no reason to use the looks of others as a basis for viral posts that are hurtful. What good comes from making fun of someone in that manner? A laugh? Though it is hard to think of people actually being able to find the posts funny.

What makes someone subject to being one of these memes? Being overweight? Not looking like society’s idea of “beautiful”?

And before I am told I’m being sensitive or I need to learn to take a joke, tell me a joke that doesn’t involve making fun of someone for absolutely no reason at all; I’ll probably laugh. I know how to take a joke. I don’t, however, know how to find the humor in the photos that have been filling Facebook lately.