(photo courtesy of lalaland.movie)


“La La Land” has been receiving buzz on the film circuit for a while after sweeping The Golden Globes, with both Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone taking home the best actor and best actress awards in the Musical/Comedy category. Was the movie really worth all of the hype surrounding it?

“La La Land” is a romantic comedy set in Los Angeles and tells the story of a struggling jazz musician Sebastian (played by Gosling) and struggling actress Mia (played by Stone). The movie follows the two as they meet and fall in love, going through the story of their courtship, their heartbreak, the rejection, the fame and whirlwind of Hollywood.

The movie was directed by Damien Chazelle, who also directed “Whiplash.”

“La La Land” features an upbeat jazzy soundtrack composed by Justin Hurwitz. The song that catches the most attention and is even heard throughout the film is “Another Day of Sun.” The song has a rich beat and is so catchy you’ll find yourself humming along to it days after you’ve seen the movie.

“City of Stars” performed by Gosling is another standout song performed in the beginning half of the film by Gosling waltzing on the pier, is later follwed up in the film with a lovely duet between him and Stone. The rest of the soundtrack was really lackluster in comparison to those two standout songs. However instrumental jazz and sweeping band music really did carry the movie through dance sequences between Stone and Gosling.

This isn’t the first time Gosling and Stone have played love interests in a movie together, their first time being in “Crazy, Stupid, Love,” and “Gangster Squad.” The two actors have a great chemistry on screen and play off each other very well; their story felt very real and the moments of heartbreak, and love were so rich and full of emotion.

With Los Angeles as the backdrop for the film, the movie is full of beautiful cinematography including shots of incredible views of the city skyline. High in the hills of L.A. where you see Stone and Gosling walking along admiring the views, which also included beautiful shots at the iconic Griffith Observatory.

The film’s style of shooting and attention to the colorful and picturesque views of L.A. are very much a love song to the city where stars are made.

With the Oscar nominations be announced on Jan. 24, with all of the praise and awards garnered during The Golden Globes, there is no doubt that this movie won’t receive a nomination from The Academy.

“La La Land” is playing in theaters everywhere, so if you’re looking for a film to watch with friends or just would like to imagine yourself being swept away by Gosling or Stone,then look no further.