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“Moonlight” is a powerful movie directed by Barry Jenkins. The movie takes place during the the War on Drugs era of Miami where you follow Chiron through three parts of his life that define him.

The film follows a three part arc where you follow Chiron through three important stages of his life, as he comes of age dealing with struggling to find his place in the world, and coming to terms with him realizing he is gay.

“Moonlight” is a story about coming age and finding yourself. Chiron deals with his dysfunctional drug addicted mother; he finds family in Juan, (played by Mahershal Ali) a drug dealer, and his girlfriend Teresa (played by Janelle Monáe) as they act like the family that you see a younger Chiron wanting to be apart of. They take him in on occasion, feeding him meals and even allowing him to sleep in their home.

Chiron finds acceptance in his best friend Kevin who sticks close to his side and tries to help him fit into their rough world where they encounter drugs, violence from other classmates, and coming to terms with their sexuality.

The film takes you on the journey Chiron takes, that breaks your heart and leaves you emotional and really sympathizing with the character and his journey to find himself in a world that seems like it only wants to bring him down. The story moves through three acts: Little, Chiron, and Black. All three stories combine to tell you the journey that Chiron takes to eventually calling himself Black.

With movies still being heavily dominated by mostly white casts, it is hopeful to see film heading into more diverse castings like we have been seeing within the last few years in television. It is a movie with an all black cast that didn’t rely heavily on stereotypical roles often assigned to black characters by other directors or screenwriters.

Jenkins took the story and gave a breath of life into problems that plague the black community, all through the eyes of Chiron.

The movie won Best Picture at The Golden Globes, and it should be a contender hopefully for an Oscar Nomination which will be announced soon.