(Aubree Stamper/MJ)

By VINNY CRAIG, Staff Writer

The art was laid out for the newest exhibition in the Alfred Berkowitz Gallery on Friday, Jan. 27 as the “Art In An Age Of Transition” exhibition opened. The event was open to the public and students, free of charge.

The gallery, along with the opening event, was completely planned and put together by last semester’s Museum Studies seminar class.

Each student had a hand in writing the gallery catalog, setting up the displays, and most difficulty getting access to the pieces. This was the first time an exhibition has been put together by students.

The pieces themselves were borrowed from the Kalamazoo Institute of Arts.

The gallery is meant to show early artwork during the Renaissance and Early Modern eras. It shows the vast array of styles, techniques, and uses of prints during that time period.

“The exhibition does not focus on technique or theme but rather serves as an introduction for explaining this formative era in the history of printmaking,” according to the brochure for the gallery.

The guest curator was UM-Dearborn professor Stanley E. Weed. He was the professor for the Museum Studies seminar course that put the gallery together.

“This was a class project we did last semester,” Weed said. “This was a great learning process for a lot of the students. It was a collaborative effort between the students and myself.”

The exhibition is open until April 7 at the Alfred Berkowitz Gallery on the third floor of the Mardigian Library. The gallery itself is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. each weekday. It is free to UM-Dearborn students and the public.