(Alexis Gable/MJ)

By MARIA KANSO, News Editor

A protest against the executive order to ban immigrants from several Muslim-majority countries took place on the University of Michigan-Dearborn campus on Thursday, Feb. 2.

Those participating in the protest included both students and professors who marched around campus in support of immigrants banned from coming into the U.S. under the new presidency.

The rally was moved inside inside the University Center due to cold weather.

“I am here today not as a student president, but as a student and a member of this campus community,” said Fiana Arbab, president of Student Government.

Arbab thanked University of Michigan President Mark Schlissel for refusing to release information regarding the immigration statuses of students.

“You have to be constantly active and making sure your voices are heard, not just among each of you, but also to the institutional powers,” continued Arbab. “They have an obligation to protect and uphold equity for each and every one of us.”

The executive order signed by President Trump to stop the immigration from the Muslim-majority countries of Libya, Yemen, Iraq, Iran, Somalia and Syria has sparked large demonstrations across the country, including the cities of Washington D.C, Boston, Detroit, New York and Los Angeles.

The Trump administration appealed to the 9th U.S Circuit Court of Appeals after a restraining order was issued against the immigration policy by a federal judge in Seattle.

Sally Howell, an associate professor of history at UM-Dearborn, spoke against the values of the new presidency and thought people should be educated about different religions in order to achieve unity among each other.

“This is what this presidential body is all about. Consolidating power, not sharing power,” Howell said. “We need to work on our ignorance, we need to make sure we know our own history about one another. We need to work with respect towards a positive future.”

Assistant professor of Women and Gender Studies and Sociology, Amy Brainer, also expressed her disappointment with decisions made towards the immigrant population.

“As I witness the administration’s unfolding war on immigrants, I feel those waves of anger and fear,” Brainer said. “I think about the unimaginable pain inflicted upon so many families. I think of those who have experienced loss beyond measure.”

As a pre-law student at UM-Dearborn, Machhadie Assi thinks Trump’s speeches have encouraged animosity towards Muslims.

“I don’t think I’m protesting against any political party, I’m not protesting against the president,” Assi said. “I’m protesting against the ideology of hate, against the ideology of injustice.”