(Photo/Demy Nasol)

By HARSHAL BOSALE, Student Life Editor

Valentine’s Day 2017 was an evening to remember for all University of Michigan-Dearborn students who were present at Kochoff Hall in the University Center after 6:30pm, by the untiring efforts of the members of WUMD College Radio, as they organized Broken Hearts Smash 2017 – Battle of the Bands.

Celebrating an anti-Valentine’s theme for people who didn’t have a Valentine to still hang out and enjoy the evening, the organizers had a table where audience members could literally smash candy hearts with a hammer to their heart’s content. The main highlight, though, was Battle of the Bands. The competition served as an entertainment session for students as well as a platform for local bands to showcase their talent.

The event was in the works for quite a while, and Shannon Snideman, assistant general manager at WUMD radio, who was in charge of the execution of the event, said, “A big shoutout goes to Ashley Baker (program director) and Ed Katynski (assistant program director) for helping out with the preparations and liaising with the bands, as well as Sierra Olsofsky, who was charge of decoration.”

With a three-round elimination format, the bands were judged against each other in a live voting arrangement, using live polls by the audience present at the event. It was exciting to see the crowd actively participate in the process with unbridled enthusiasm, as the first round of six face-offs gave way to a second round, which employed a best-of-three poll to give us the two finalists: Andrea Doria and The Running Youngs.

Snideman was excited at the prospect of hosting an event of a much larger magnitude than previously accomplished.

“Major overhaul, this is what we had dreamt of. It was quite a challenge to coordinate with all the bands and get a set date with everyone, as was finding enough bands in the first place to get something going. But it worked out really well – in my six years at UM-Dearborn, I can’t remember an event like this ever happening.”

And indeed, it was a spectacle to behold; with varying performances by different bands – foot tapping numbers, melodious tunes, screaming metal and rock renderings, the list could go on. Winning the hearts of the majority, though, was The Running Youngs from Livonia. With time running out, there wasn’t an elaborate award ceremony, but the winners were handed a beautiful trophy and Band Smash 2.0 signed off for the night.

List of participating bands:

  1. a) All Say
    b) Addington Lane (no-show)
  2. a) Andrea Doria
    b) Nothing New
  3. a) The Happy Accidents
    b) Only On Earth
  4. a) Melba Jean
    b) The Bardobees
  5. a) Hearts of Palm
    b) The Runarounds
  6. a) Daddy and the Long Legs
    b) The Running Youngs