If old films, really, really old films are your thing, you may already be familiar with the cable and satellite television network Turner Classic Movies. The channel has been a basic cable staple since 1994, airing films from the silent era all the way up to the 1980s. The channel’s companion website,, is an invaluable tool for movie buffs who favor vintage films. has been in operation since 2013, when the network finally got on board with technological advances. It was the beginning of the 21st century and most businesses, services and entertainment venues saw the importance of having an attached website to bring in business. features a daily and monthly schedule with playing times of films being aired. By clicking on a film’s title, you can access a synopsis of the film along with other information including cast and crew, the film’s duration and the date and place it originally premiered. There are also tabs which highlight the Star of the Month, movie clips and trailers, the network’s classic film festival, and the monthly magazine, “Now Playing.”  

If you’re stumped for a gift for a film enthusiast you know, check out the Shop tab which features both dvd and Blu-ray film selections and boasts over 100,000 titles available. Also available are gifts such as apparel, books, and vintage movie posters. Just snooping around to see all that’s available on the Shop tab is an adventure in itself.  

But that’s not all. The website also features a blog with posts written by other film aficionados, some of whom hold a degree in film studies and are really intriguing writers.   

Turner Classic Movies also developed an app for mobile device users called Watch TCM and the site has a tab that links directly to the service. If you like classic films, you’ll enjoy a visit to And don’t forget the popcorn.