One of the best things about living in Michigan is that there is plenty to see and do, and a lot of it involves the Great Lakes. A daylong getaway can often be as refreshing as a two-week vacation. One such getaway lies less than two hours north on Interstate 75. Here, on the Saginaw Bay sits the small town of Pinconning, known mainly for its cheese. If you consider yourself a foodie, Pinconning is for you.  

The population of Pinconning hovers just below 1300, so it is certainly no flashy tourist town. Located on M-13, it is known as the Cheese Capital of Michigan. It is here you will find the Pinconning Cheese and Fudge Shoppe, which sells an enormous variety of cheeses, crackers, breads and candies. The folks at the Cheese and Fudge Shoppe even offer homemade pasties. If you are unfamiliar with pasties, they are Cornish meat pies filled with seasoned meat and vegetables. The store sells them prebaked and frozen. All you need to do is pop them in your own oven until hot. Located within walking distance is Wilson’s Cheese Shoppe, which also carries a colossal amount of cheese, lunch meats and other edibles, as well as gifts and collectibles.  

Also located in Pinconning is H & H Bakery and Restaurant, which is known for its homestyle cooking and friendly service. The bakery also serves baked goods, breads and donuts. If you’ll be in town later in the afternoon, check out CJ’s Sports Grill. CJ’s is known for its burgers and French onion soup.  

A few miles south is the Nayanquing Point Wildlife Area. The area, covering 1500 acres, is managed by the Michigan DNR and is a birder’s paradise. It is an ideal spot to observe both fall and spring migration habits. The area also provides hiking trails and access to the bay for canoers and kayakers.  

There’s plenty to see on Michigan’s Sunrise Side. If you haven’t explored it yet, the Saginaw Bay area is a great place to start.