Fenton, Michigan lies just outside the urban cluster of the city of Flint. Fenton’s population hovers around 11,500, so it’s not classified as a rural area, but it is surrounded by large areas of undeveloped land, recreation areas and historical points of interest. Fenton is also home to a pretty good place to eat.  

Lucky’s Steakhouse is a local chain of five restaurants, all found at the base of Michigan’s Thumb area. Founded in 1998, the restaurant aims to please its customers. On a recent Saturday night at the Fenton location, the staff at Lucky’s Steakhouse achieved that goal. As a quality restaurant and sports bar with a casual atmosphere, Lucky’s is a pretty popular place; so popular that an average wait for a table on a Saturday evening can range anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes. One option while waiting is to enjoy your favorite beverage at the bar. The bar staff at Lucky’s are courteous and professional. Another option is to skip the wait for a table and just order your dinner from the bar and eat there. It is not unusual to see plates of crab legs, Chicken Marsala or ribeye steaks lined up along the bar and happy customers enjoying their meals sans a proper table and chair or a booth.  

Lucky’s serves up several types of beef cuts, each seasoned and cooked to your specifications.  The dinner menu also includes chops, a variety of chicken dishes, seafood, salads and burgers.  The fish and chips dinner is filling, flavorful and not a bit greasy. Chips, or steak fries, are crispy and hot, not soggy.  

Appetizers and cocktails are another delicious choice available. Don’t forget to ask for the homemade garlic bread, which is served warm and complements any meal.  

The restaurant is clean and the atmosphere is casual. The dinner will surely be worth the drive up U.S. 23 to Fenton. Check out all Lucky’s has to offer at