By HARSHAL BHOSALE, Student Life Editor 

The University of Michigan-Dearborn Student Government elections were held on March 29 to 30, and the Michigan Action Party won unopposed as the only contesting party. Thomas Wolsek and Sara Alqaragholy are the new president and vice president respectively. Out of the 26 Senator positions, 16 were balloted MAP representatives, with two write-in members affiliated to MAP along with eight other write-ins accounting for a total of 18 positions filled.

Both Thomas and Sara expounded on the key role played by the Student Government as a liaising organization between the student body and the university administration.

“During the last Student Government meeting, we had the director for facilities come into our meeting and we had a long discussion about issues such as parking availability, lighting issues around campus, following which immediate action was taken to remedy the issue”, said Alqaragholy.

Wolsek continued, saying, “Everything from tiny details that you’d never notice to institutional changes, such as the introduction of a fall study break, has been possible due to the Student Government’s efforts.”

Talking about the current platform and objectives of the Michigan Action Party, Thomas talked about the proposed LGBTQ resource center, and the infrastructural issues such as dilapidated conditions of the prayer room in the Fairlane Center campus.

“One of the bigger things we aim to address is the student org funding and booking process. We want to plan and see if we can make that stuff easier for all involved, because currently it is difficult for the student orgs, the OSE or the SOAC for that matter,” Wolsek said.

Alqaragholy added, “In my current position as the chair of SOAC [Student Organizations Advisory Council], I constantly receive complaints about the form stack applications, the applications used to actually apply for funding, as well as the reimbursement process. You have to apply, get pre-approved, submit the forms, receipts, and other documentation through the OSE, and then it will take a month or longer to get the checks.”

This makes it difficult for students to manage their finances, she said.

Thus energized, the new Student Government looks poised to deliver on its campaign promises in line with its platform objectives.

Here are the elected Senators:
Ahmad Taleb
Alexann Zahara
Anastasey Manolatos
Anthony Distel
Anuja Pandey
Brett Macek
Catarina Gasser
Erick Alonso Beas Penaloza
Erik Ignasiak
James Grear
Jonathan Gavia
Jordan Whol
Kalvin Merrill
Klajdi Myslimaj
Mae Kendrick
Matthew Diegel
Mazen Hammoud
Michel Mchahwar
Muhammad Ali
Nick Munro
Nikhitha Bekkanti
Priyal Sheth
Samrat Vittal
Sarah Nassar
Selvamani Masilamani
Vivien Adams