By NICOLE LOSEK, Arts and Entertainment Editor

Music for Contemplation is hosting a week-long retreat at St. Mary’s Retreat House in Oxford, Mich. for all music lovers, no experience necessary.

The workshop, Creating Music Together, is to help develop listening, communication and presentation skills. Participants will be working and learning from a variety of professionals. They will be doing daily sightings, being in silence together and of course, making music together. All participants will create their own music while also getting the chance to hear others at the retreat sing their music.

With the retreat being at a house, participants will also be responsible for pitching in with the cooking and keeping the house clean.

The professionals that the participants will be learning from include, Tony Gaballe, Dev Ray, Frank Sheldon and Craig Shepard. These facilitators use their experience from teaching Alexander Technique, participating and organizing Guitar Craft and Guitar Circle Courses, creating as a part of groups in Wandelweiser, thingNY and the theater group La Compagnia de’ Colombari.

Creating Music Together begins Jan. 3, 2018, and runs for seven days. There is an October registration deadline and only 30 slots. To apply visit the website: and fill out the application.