To begin our series of student organization profiles, we highlight the Student Activities Board.

Keep the SAB in the back of your mind while you’re walking through CASL and brushing by flyer-cluttered walls. There is no other organization like it on campus, as their aim is to make life at the university fun.

They look to get you away from your psychology textbook for a few hours and actually get to know the people you go to school with.

President Darielle Robinson gave me a rundown of what is coming up in the next few months with the SAB. The group has big plans in the form of bubble soccer, laser tag, trips to Cedar Point, and flag football with University of Michigan-Dearborn alum just to name a few.

The SAB holds events year round. All you have to do is look for flyers around campus or take a peek at their active social media accounts. Events are open to all students, and some are even open to the public, so, bring your friends and family.

Many activities can be found on VictorsLink, a social site to organize events on campus.

The SAB prides themselves on being the organization that creates memories, and it is easy to see the truth in that statement. When I asked Amar Patel, an SAB e-board member, what his thoughts were on how this organization has impacted his life you can see how beneficial SAB has been to him.

“SAB has made more than a positive experience for me,” Patel said. “Freshman year, I was still getting adjusted to college life. When I joined SAB it was just a regular club, but as I became more involved it became clear that they had a spot open for me; I joined the SAB family.

“My experience with SAB has opened my networking connections all the way from school work to making friends on campus,” he said. “Personally, I think SAB is the heartbeat of campus.”

If you want to be part of the memory making, all you have to do is walk into their office on the second floor of the University Center and sign up to volunteer.

General body meetings are open for all to attend. If you cannot attend, send Darielle an email at

So, yes, of course, study your heart out and get that A+ on your calculus exam, but don’t forget to have a little fun with the Student Activities Board.