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By CHANEL STITT, Guest Writer

On Sept. 12, students were given the chance to meet the Greeks, get free food and play games at the Meet the Greeks Carnival.

The Office of Student Engagement and the Student Activities Board collaborated to host the carnival to help students become aware of greek life during welcome week. Since there was a grand turnout, it is possible for another one to happen again in the future.

“The carnival allowed students to have a distraction from these first few tough days and allowed them to network with certain fraternities and sororities,” said Hezekiah Lockridge, a junior at UM-Dearborn.

It is recruitment time in greek life and the sororities and fraternities are looking for their new members since the new school year has begun.

“We want people to understand that greek life isn’t all about the stereotypes,” said Srinivas Simhan, Secretary and Treasurer of the Student Activities Board. “We have fun, we have a lot of good friends and we have a lot of good times together. If people are interested in joining us, our door is wide open.”

When deciding the fraternity or sorority one might want to join, it is advised to do extensive research before committing to one organization because they all have a different objective. Most of them complete hours of community service while being a member, but some require service hours to join.

“If you want to join an organization where not only can you make an impact in your community but you can meet a group of people that you can become so close with that you can identify them as brothers or sisters, then greek life is definitely for you,” said Jordan Wohl, student assistant at the Office of Student Engagement.

A few students have expressed how to make time management possible with balancing greek life and school work. Simhan explained that even though he is still learning about managing time, there are two things that lead him to success while being in multiple extracurricular activities and having a job.

“There are two things that are very important to me that I learned to utilize and become well acquainted with because of my recruitment education in Theta Tau, and that is Google Calendar and Trello,” said Simhan.

On the computer screen was a list of several time blocks that are divided by work, class, homework, greek life, reminders and other extra curricular activities.

Being a part of many activities is common for students on campus. Some are able to take on four to five activities and still keep up with school work and greek life.

“Prioritize; classes come first, but there is definitely time to have fun,” said Jalen Rose, an active student on campus.

Events hosted by different sororities and fraternities that are school-related can be found on Victor’s Link. These events give students the chance to not only get to know the greeks, but to work on possibly becoming a part of the sisterhood or brotherhood. There are many opportunities on campus daily to get involved.

“Remember, you’re here for college, but this experience is nothing without some fun along the way,” said Rose.