By NICOLE LOSEK, Arts & Entertainment Editor

Saturdays in the fall are not just for college football and tailgates early in the morning. If you would rather have a more relaxing Saturday morning after a long stressful week of school and work, check out Eastern Market in Detroit.

The sheds at Eastern Market on Saturday mornings are filled with vendors sampling and selling their fresh produce, meats, baked goods, flowers and art. The vendors here have to go through an application process to be able to have their own stand at the market. Some vendors wait years to get their application approved.

I had the chance to speak to one of the vendors. A woman from Evie’s Tamales was at their stand selling tamales from the restaurant. Evie’s Tamales is a Mexican restaurant located in Mexicantown and has been there for 40 years. She has been a vendor for two years at Eastern Market. For her application, she brought in a dozen tamales to sample to get approved. She explained how the market wants different types of stands and not all selling the same type of food.

So, Saturday mornings are not just for tailgates. Take one Saturday and go down to Eastern Market to check out the different vendors, walk around to see the murals painted on the buildings and have lunch at one of the small restaurants.