If you’re a hip-hop lover and have not heard or listened to this off the charts talented artist, you should. The 24-year-old rapper released his debut album, There’s Really A Wolf, in May. Prior to this album, he released several mixtapes and a countless number of singles on SoundCloud. Russ writes, mixes, masters, engineers, produces and performs all of his songs.

There’s Really A Wolf signifies the artist’s come up, as explained by Russ in an Instagram post.

This summer, Russ hit the roads with his “The Wake Up” Tour. Bringing the tour to the Fillmore in Detroit, the passion and love for what he does and creates was clear on stage. The energy he brought into the theater was on another level. Opening with his hit song, “What They Want,” Russ had every fan jumping on their feet reciting the lyrics along with him. The entire show had positive vibes. Russ is known for Twitter rants where he writes about how important it is to believe in yourself in every aspect of your life. During parts of the show, he gave a rant in person, inspiring the crowd to shoot for what they want and work until they achieve it. Aside from motivational rants in between songs from the debut album, Russ took it back to earlier SoundCloud hits with songs like, “Willy Wonka” and “Yung God.”

The work ethic of this young rapper is motivational. Last week, Russ dropped 4 singles in 4 days after getting the chance to work with record producer Scott Storch. He initially released them on his SoundCloud, but on Thursday made them available on all listening platforms. This artist keeps fans on their toes and is sure to bless his fans with more hits soon.