The band, 5j Barrow, drops their first of three EP’s this Friday. Eryn Murman and Jason Hite make up the band and the duo often picks up bass player, Drew Jones, and drummer Gerard Canonico. Inspiration for the name of their band spurred from their apartment, 5j, on Barrow Street in NYC. Inspired by the Avett Brothers and Brandi Carlile, the band’s first EP, The Journey Vol. 1 has is an indie-folk sound to it. The two met at a theater in California when they were striving for an acting career. “Eryn and I instantly hit it off and moved to New York to start working on music,” Jason explains. The two are engaged and set to marry at the end of November.

The thought process behind releasing 3 separate EPs spurred from their publicist as a way to keep their fans interested throughout their year long tour. 5j Barrow recorded 13 songs and wanted to break those songs up into separate projects “so the fans to have something to follow along with,” Jason said.

The band has had the chance to work with Grammy–nominated producer, David Mayfield for the 3 projects. Jason explains how it is the band’s first experience working with a “good producer.” Mayfield met the duo at a music festival a year before they started working together. “We trusted him,” Jason said, “it was clear in recording that he wanted to be creative with us and allow us to be creative as well.”

The band’s single, “Seagreen Dress,” started out as a few different ideas that came into one when writing it. Jason used Eryn as his focal point for the love song. He wanted to, “invoke sounds and emotions with melodies and tenderness” for the song.

When asked which song was their favorite, Jason quickly replied, “all of the songs are like our children.” The song which the band had most fun working on was “Lullaby.” There is a “smooth track,” as Jason explains, where they played a variety of instruments to create a “transient space and time” in the studio for the track. When listening closely, there is a point where it sounds like someone shaking their keys, but it is actually a dog collar. Jason explains how there was a dog in the studio that was walking around and they had the idea to use the noise of his collar in the song. This was one of the earliest songs they made and the goal was to make it sound “unspecific.”

Another solid track on the EP is “A New Begin.” Jason describes this song as a “hidden gem” to them because he and the band originally thought it was going to be a hard song to write, but it was actually one of his favorites. “It was quick and painless,” he adds.

5j Barrow is using this current tour as a chance to meet new friends, bands and connect with fans and other people in hopes of opening new doors for the band. The first EP, The Journey Vol. 1, will be available this Friday October 6. For more on the band visit their website: