By TYLER COMMON, Staff Writer

The movie It tells the story of seven kids living in the small town of Derry, Maine, referring to themselves as “the Losers Club,” who come face-to-face confronting a supernatural being, best known as “Pennywise The Dancing Clown.” What’s interesting about Pennywise is that he isn’t a normal clown — he shapeshifts to display a child’s greatest fear to take advantage of them. This is the second adaptation of Stephen King’s novel of the same name, this version released 27 years after the original miniseries, an interesting tie-in to the story.  It only appears in the story every 27 years to wreak havoc on the children of Derry, Maine. The story tells a timeline of loss, and fear — something the characters are expected to battle very early on in the story, in unique ways you wouldn’t imagine. Upon seeing this movie, I didn’t know much about the story. I will say I was very impressed with the character development, as most horror flicks don’t spend time working on each character’s personality. The character development told a much greater story within the main plot points, and made it much more interesting for me as a moviegoer to experience. The direction of the story and cinematography were fantastically executed, with Pennywise receiving much more on-screen time than I anticipated. As someone that isn’t fond of horror films, I will say this film doesn’t run like a “horror film,” it tells a story that can keep even the most frightened viewer interested. This film didn’t focus on gore or “jump scares,” it focused more on storytelling, which is its biggest strength. I had not expected to enjoy this movie as much as I did, I even felt compelled to see it a second time. This Halloween season, I thoroughly recommend seeing It.  It’s perfect for this time of year.

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