(Photo courtesy of UM-Dearborn)

By SARAH MARTIN, News Editor

Phi Sigma Phi held their fifth annual car smash fundraiser last Thursday behind the University Center. The money raised goes toward operating costs for the fraternity and events they host throughout the year.

“It’s a great way to destress,” said Richard Hall, a Phi Sigma Phi member. Students and faculty both participated in the event, donating $1 per swing or $3 for five.

“We make sure to take the glass, engine, and fluids out of the car so no one gets hurt,” Hall said. Participants were given safety goggles and gloves to wear for extra protection.

“The only rule is don’t hit the tires,” Hall said. “we have to have the car towed at the end of the day, and having no tires makes it difficult to get the car out of here.”

The car was donated by the father of an alumnus of the fraternity and University of Michigan-Dearborn who owns a junkyard.

“We’re probably going to do another either around midterms or finals,” Hall said, “That’s when people need to destress the most.”