By JACK VANASSCHE, Editor in Chief

The Office of Student Engagement (OSE), is now accepting entry forms for any student organizations eager to sink into the frigid Chancellor’s Pond later this month.

The annual cardboard boat races will be held on Monday, Oct. 23 from noon to 1:30 p.m. to kick off the week’s homecoming activities.

Students will attempt to build a boat out of strictly cardboard and duct tape which must be propelled by a student across the Chancellor’s Pond between the Administration and Science Buildings.

The theme for this year’s races is Mario Kart, and teams that sign on for the races will be assigned to build boats based on characters from the popular video game series. Mario, Luigi, Bowser and Princess Peach may be possible themes for boat decoration, though many may end at the bottom of the pond.

Last year, only one boat– constructed and captained by the Sorority for Women Engineers (SWE)– survived the voyage across the pond. SWE received the Speedy Award which is earned by the winner of the race.

To officially place in the race, the team member must cross the finish line with at least 75 percent of the boat remaining. A disintegrated boat will result in disqualification.

Three other awards will be given out to participants, including the Deep Dive Award for the “most spectacular sinking,” the Best Dressed Team Award and the School Spirit Award.

The team with the best decorated boat will win the School Spirit Award, but the decorations can not “enhance the structure of the boat,” according to the application form.

Boats must be made before the event and must show up a half hour before the start of the race.

An entry form can be completed by a team on Victor’s Link.