By: Sarah Martin, News Editor

The annual Fall Career Fair will be taking place at the Fairlane Club on Wednesday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. The fair is open to all majors, and a shuttle will run between the University Center and Fairlane Center North.

For those who have never been to a career fair before, Stephen Mara, a dual major in electrical and computer engineering who interned at Bosch over the summer, shared his tips to successfully interact with recruiters.

“Obtain a list of companies attending beforehand,” Mara said, “And make your own list of companies that you want to speak with.”

Companies like Fiat-Chrysler, Ford, General Motors, Compuware, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan and many more will be in attendance. It may be difficult to talk to every recruiter, so mark down ones you’re especially interested in.

“Speak with companies with the shortest lines first to be as time effective as possible,” Mara said.

By focusing on a single company and enduring a long line, it takes precious time from talking to other recruiters. Recruiters speak with many students and ultimately select very few to get back in contact with. By interacting with more companies, students increase the chance of hearing back.

“Dress to impress and bring multiple copies of your resume,” Mara said.

Recruiters will speak with you briefly and having a resume allows them to quickly see achievements, major and skills.

“You also need to be prepared to speak about any topic you include in your resume,” he said.

Appearance, your resume, and your responses are what the recruiter’s first impression

“Have an answer to this statement: What specifically attracts you to work for our company?” Mara said.  He added this is the most frequent question he received from recruiters. Do research about the company before speaking with them. What is their mission statement, goals, or current projects and how do they relate to your interests or career field? Companies use this tool to determine the best candidates for the job.

“Lastly, if you know a recruiter is not an expert in the field, don’t talk technical with them,” Mara said. This quickly results in confusion and recommends talking about products the company makes, your own accomplishments, or leadership opportunities if a lull in conversation happens.

To learn more about the Fall Career Fair or to see the full list of companies attending, visit the Career Services page on the University of Michigan-Dearborn website.