By TYLER COMMON, Staff Writer

This past Saturday, I made the trek out to Sandusky, Ohio to experience Cedar Point’s “Halloweekends.” The amusement park has over a dozen Halloween-related attractions, including haunted houses, live shows, a parade, and decorations throughout the grounds. The park stays open until midnight.

It seemed like a good idea, but for a majority of the day I had difficulty experiencing any of the attractions due to the massive wait times. Additionally, many of the roller coasters were not functioning, either due to weather or technical reasons. There were a number of cases where several rides weren’t open the entire day, including the popular Top Thrill Dragster.

The last hour of the day I visited, the park’s crowds seemed to dwindle. I was lucky enough to experience the Wicked Twister three times, the Gatekeeper four times, and a haunted house — all in the last hour of my visit, more than my group experienced in the entire day.

My favorite haunted house Cedar Point offered was called “Hexed” -visitors walk into a seemingly old house, filled with witches and other characters of that sort. One of the goblins at “Hexed” asked my friend what my name was when I wasn’t looking. At one point during our journey through the house, this goblin approached me and called me by name, which really freaked me out.

“Hexed” provided a much more personal and diverse experience. Another haunted attraction the park offered was called “Slaughterhouse,” which was anything but its description — the design was cool, but it wasn’t scary at all or worth the wait, especially compared to ”Hexed”.

My favorite coaster at the park has always been the Millennium Force, which I also got to experience. Overall, “Halloweekends” was a very cool idea, it’s just super crowded — and took up until the end of the day for me to fully enjoy. I love Cedar Point, big crowds are just difficult to navigate through sometimes.