The new TV series, The Mayor, premiered last Tuesday, October 3rd, on ABC. The new comedy follows a young aspiring rapper, Courtney Rose, who runs for mayor of his town in order to promote his mixtape, and ends up winning the election.

Episode 1 of the comedy introduced all the main characters and set the tone for the series. Courtney Rose, played by Brandon Michael Hall, is introduced using his closet as a recording studio. Next we see his mom, Dina Rose, played by Yvette Nicole Brown. Viewers may recognize Brown as Helen from the show Drake and Josh. Dina Rose is portrayed as a supportive mother and positive influence for Courtney. She expresses her support for his hip- hop career and also attempts to guide him once elected mayor of their California town, Fort Grey.

Other supporting characters we meet are Courtney’s two best friends, Jermaine played by Bernard David Jones, and T.K. played by Marcel Spears. Another familiar face viewers may recognize is Courtney’s mayoral manager, Val, played by Lea Michele who previously starred as Rachel in the show Glee.

The premiere episode centers around his first plan of action after being elected mayor. Courtney and his team plan a party to fix up an old park he and his friends used to hang out at. Plans change for Courtney during the party when he receives a text giving him the opportunity to open for one of his favorite rappers at a concert. He leaves the party and things take a turn for the worst when police show up. All is well in the end when he learns that this new position is a chance for him to make a difference in his community.

The Mayor seems like a feel-good comedy that is perfect for anyone to watch. If you’re a fan of hip-hop and comedy, I recommend checking out this series. Catch it at 9:30 p.m. on Tuesdays on ABC.

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