By: Sarah Martin, News Editor

For those who have made use of the free scantrons and bluebooks in the Office of Student Engagement in prior years, that luxury has come to an end.

But don’t worry, the Student Government Office will continue to distribute free scantrons and bluebooks for students. However, you will have to ask a staff member since they’re kept behind the counter now.

“We made the decision to centralize them because we had students going between offices looking for them,” said Student Government President Thomas Wolsek, “It was frustrating for both students and staff. We decided that since Student Government handles the payment and the delivery of the scantrons and bluebooks, that it would be best to keep everything in one place.”

The free supply of scantrons and bluebooks are limited, especially around midterms and finals when the demand is higher than usual. Scantrons and bluebooks are available for purchase in various vending machines across campus and also in the bookstore.