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By AUBREE STAMPER, Photo Editor 

K-pop’s biggest girl group sensation TWICE released their first full-length album, Twicetagram, since they debuted two years ago. Despite some criticisms about similar dance moves and the pronunciation of the foreign members, fans are loving the album and their newest single, “Likey.”

TWICE is known worldwide for their catchy pop songs and memorable dance moves; in 2016 everyone was doing the “Shy, shy, shy” dance from “Cheer Up” and the “TT” dance everywhere. All of the group’s music videos also have over 100 million views, and their newest single “Likey” is already at 65 million views despite only being 2 weeks old.  

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These girls have been taking over South Korea and are now known as “the nation’s girl group.” In a male-dominated physical album industry, their album Twicetagram sold 129,000 copies in its first week making them the best-selling girl group in Korea in 2017, according to Hanteo chart.

The song “Likey” itself is very bright and upbeat. The lyrics talk about a girl getting dressed up and posting photos on Instagram, and wanting her crush to “like” them. It’s one that you can’t listen to only once; you’ll be singing the chorus in your head until it drives you so crazy you’ll have to listen to it again and again. The dance, which was accused of being too similar to the group’s past dances (“TT” and “Signal”), is also very cute and addicting.

TWICE is made up of five Korean members, three Japanese members, and one Taiwanese member, making them one of the most international girl groups in K-pop. They were formed in 2015 through JYP’s audition program “Sixteen,” where the girls competed for spots in the group in front of all of South Korea.

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The group received international attention when the Taiwanese member, Tzuyu, waved her home-country’s flag on a Korean TV show. She was then called a “Taiwanese independence activist” by a famous Chinese singer, since it happened just months before the Taiwanese general election. The innocent act of a then 16-year-old girl was turned into a huge political scandal and caught the ears of the international media. When an awkward, seemingly forced apology video of a scared-looking Tzuyu was posted the day of the election, it caused even more controversy.

Despite the controversy in China, TWICE are gaining monumental popularity in other countries like Japan and even placed no.1 on the World Albums chart and no.10 on the Heatseekers Albums chart. According to AllKpop, “With the ongoing hits and boom in popularity, TWICE is expected to rewrite the history of K-Pop girl groups.”

TWICE’s Twicetagram is available on Spotify and iTunes now!

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