The CW series “Riverdale” gained major popularity this summer after the first season was put on Netflix. Season one one aired on the CW in January of this year and season two just premiered last month on October 11.

Based off of the Archie Comics, the series was originally going to be a feature film, but was re-imaged for a television series for Fox. In 2015, the series moved to the CW where it’s pilot episode aired.

The series follows the cast of the Archie Comics with KJ Apa as Archie Andrews, Lili Reinhart as Betty Cooper, Camila Mendes as Veronica Lodge and Cole Sprouse as Jughead Jones. Jughead Jones is the narrator of the show.

I think like any show, season one’s focus was on getting to know each of the characters. In the first episode, “Chapter One: The River’s Edge,” we’re introduced to their personalities, their past and their relationships with each other.

Chapter One sets the tone for the season, which is centered around the death of their classmate Jason Blossom.

The episode takes place on the first day of the new school year where the talk around the town is about the disappearance of Jason Blossom on the Fourth of July. After school, two students were in the woods near Sweetwater River when they came across the floating body of Jason Blossom with a bullet in the center of his forehead.

Without completely ruining season one if you haven’t seen it already, the autopsy done on Jason tells that he was actually murdered a week after the Fourth of July.

Secrets from that summer and from the character’s pasts are revealed throughout season one as Archie and his friends piece together the events leading up to Jason’s death.

The 13-episode season ended with the truth behind what actually happened to Jason and leaves us with another mystery.


I’m really trying not to spoil the show for anyone who wants to watch or hasn’t finished season one and caught up to season two, but the last episode ends with Archie and his dad Fred at the local restaurant, Pop’s, when a masked man comes in, shoots Fred and leaves us with questions of who and why.

Season two opens with the aftermath. Archie rushing his dad to the hospital and the town learning what happened. Fred survives and a scared Archie takes things into his own hands with protecting his dad.

The masked man is the new mystery of the town of Riverdale and as season two goes on, we are learning more about him and his motives. Although the most recent episode gave off ‘Pretty Little Liars’ vibes, so I’m interested to see this season play out.

There is more to “Riverdale” than the murder mysteries. The cast itself is something that makes the show what it is. If I’m being honest, Cole Sprouse was the sole reason I started to watch the show and Jughead Jones doesn’t disappoint. The actors play their roles well to where it almost seems natural and if you do watch and added the cast on social media you’ll know what I’m talking about.

10/10 would recommend watching “Riverdale.” I’ve only touched on the plotline of season one, there’s twists that completely catch you off guard. That being said, there is more behind the scenes of season two than just the masked man.

Family secrets, gangs, darkness, weirdness and relationships fill the rest of what makes “Riverdale,” “Riverdale.”

“Riverdale” according to some fans…

“A show with an eerie feel to it with plot twists that blow your mind, but all around addicting from the second you decided to watch it.” – C.A

“Leaves you saying what the f*** after each episode and makes you want to actually read the comics.” – N.L

“It’s a jaw dropping drama that will leave you guessing until the very last episode.” – M.D

“I watch for Archie Andrews.” – M.L

“Riverdale is getting good. If you haven’t, catch up.” – J.V