Aubree Stamper/MJ


The city awaits as construction continues on Michigan Avenue in Dearborn. Detours on the road seem to change every week, slowing down the traffic.

It is safe to say that citizens want to see the final product of it all. ‘Wagner Place Summer 2018’ reads on the sign as cars pass by. Large foundations are built along the sides of the road, which look similar to the rest of West Dearborn.

Back in 2016, the plans released by Ford Motor Land Development Corporation were to put $60 million into renovating West Dearborn. Another parking structure is to be built, along with more buildings to add businesses, apartments and restaurants that have a distance of three blocks. They will also be adding offices for their Ford employees.

The funding of $31 million from taxes was approved by the Michigan Strategic Fund, a $3 million grant was also received from the fund and the rest of the money was given by the city.

Not only will this new addition to the city create more jobs, but it will also provide extra forms of entertainment that students will be able to access. It will not be as big as the shopping area of downtown Ann Arbor, but it gives the same feeling of a wide span of entertainment.

“Most of the shops and restaurants are just on Michigan Ave,” said Annie Peurach, a junior at the University of Michigan-Dearborn who

commutes from Ann Arbor. “As opposed to Ann Arbor, there are many busy streets.”

Developing this area will help to beautify the city. Abandoned restaurants and stores used to line the city streets, while the rest of West Dearborn was appealing. Signs were ripped off of the store fronts and doors remained locked. Pedestrians were nowhere to be found.

This plan will completely change that. With an area of 150,000 square feet to redevelop, opportunities will be endless. The redevelopment of the Wagner Hotel will give the chance for the city businesses to create revenue since visitors will be able to walk out of their hotel room to experience new entertainment.

“I’m so excited for this project,” said David Foster, a junior at the University of Michigan-Dearborn. “It seems like living in the complexes might be expensive, but I’m happy for the shopping and other goods. The only downside about it is the upcoming traffic because of construction.”