Vinny Craig, Staff Writer

The College of Arts, Sciences, and Letters will add a minor to its catalogue this winter in Film Studies, a part of the Journalism and Screen Studies (JASS) Department.            

All courses for the new minor will be available online.            

It will involve two required courses; JASS 248: Introduction to Screen Studies and JASS 440: Theory & Aesthetics of the Screen, the newest class to be added for the minor. It will be taught by current UM-Dearborn JASS professor Erik Marshall starting in the winter.            

“What’s cool about these courses is that students can take a wide variety of classes,” said Associate JASS professor, Jennifer Proctor, who will continue to teach several of the classes included in receiving the minor. She added that the department could need another professor to help with the courses in the future.            

According to Proctor, the minor has been available previously with little interest shown by students. This prompted her colleagues and her to launch a new campaign to get the minor more recognition. It will have an emphasis on theory and analysis of media, according to Proctor.            

“Screen studies will teach [students] another way of writing and thinking,” she said. “It allows them to take entertainment and turn it inside out.”            

A Film Studies minor joins an overarching JASS minor which incorporates both Journalism and Screen Studies courses. The department has yet to offer a Journalism only minor.            

Outlined by a selection of nine upper-level JASS courses, the minor is setup for all students, even those not interested in writing, media, or the arts.            

“It will teach students a new skill that can be used in all classes through pretty challenging courses,” said Proctor, “[Students] will come out of these classes not being able to watch a movie or television the same again,” she added. 

The Film Studies minor is available to view on the UM-Dearborn website or through pamphlets printed by the JASS department.