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The girls in Red Velvet have never been scared to try something new or different or even creepy, especially not with their second full-length album The Perfect Velvet, which was released last week.

The album gives us a more sophisticated and seductive sound from the quintet–Irene, Wendy, Joy, Seulgi, and Yeri–than we’ve seen previously this year with their successful summer bop “Red Flavor” and the upbeat, colorful track “Rookie.”

That’s because Red Velvet has two sides to them–the group’s Red songs showcase their bright and bubbly side (as in their first full album The Red), and their Velvet songs show off their serious and mature side (as in the mini-album The Velvet and now with the more retro-feeling The Perfect Velvet.)

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The music video for the title track “Peek-A-Boo” gives off eerie cult vibes as it’s setting looks like a creepy 1930’s Hollywood horror film. In the video the girls dance in candle-filled rooms, practice shooting arrows at each other and chase a pizza boy through a large mansion while in rainbow sequined dresses. In the end, the pizza boy cannot escape the hauntingly beautiful girls and the final shot shows his uniform hanging in a glass showcase.

The song itself and its addicting beat will lure you in just like the poor pizza boy and snatch you up by the first chorus with it’s playful lyrics like, “Tag, you’re it / It’s gonna be fun, we’ll let you play with us / Lets play until the moon is hanging on the jungle gym.”

All nine tracks on the album fit well together and show us a new side of the group. “Look” takes us back to the 1980’s with it’s synthy beats and alluring vocals. “I Just” is one of the more inspiring songs on the album, with lyrics like, “What I need the most right now / Is a pair of shoes that will take me somewhere.”

“My Second Date” and “About Love” are fresh and lighthearted songs about innocent crushes and skipped heartbeats. Tracks like “Attaboy” show off the group’s rap skills and ability to even pull off trap-influenced songs. “Kingdom Come” and “Perfect 10” are flawless R&B tracks that are very remindful of 2015’s “Automatic.” The album closes with the slow and smooth ballad “Moonlight Melody,” with the girls sweet vocals and piano accompaniment. Overall, Red Velvet showed a more perfect side to them on this album just like they hoped.

The Perfect Velvet is available on Spotify and iTunes now!