By: Lukas Lorincz

Social media, mobile phones, tablets, and laptops have consumed the world’s population over the past several years. Each day, billions of people will scroll through their Instagram account, Twitter feed, Facebook page, or look something up on a search engine like Google.

Whether or not people notice, there are advertisements on each of these platforms. Creating these ads, monitoring their impressions and clicks, and tracking purchases all fall under one umbrella: digital marketing.

Although this is just one small portion of digital marketing, it is one that, just like digital marketing itself, is on the rise as social media and search engines become more prevalent in people’s lives. This is precisely why both upcoming and current students should strongly consider pursuing a Digital Marketing Degree at the University of Michigan-Dearborn.

The University of Michigan-Dearborn provides one of the best Digital Marketing Programs in the state, especially thanks to one particular class.

The upper-level class in UM-Dearborn’s highly-regarded College of Business, Marketing (MKT) 363: Digital Consumer Search provides students with hands-on experience that can be immediately applied in a real-world job setting.

Right off the bat, students are introduced to the Student Ranking Project. For this project, students are tasked with creating a website and attempting to achieve the highest page rank on Google through keyword usage. This Fall 2017 semester is focused on two keywords in particular: “Michigan digital marketing degree programs” and “programmatic media optimization techniques”.

To begin, students create a URL for their website and post content, in a blog format to achieve some form of page rank with Google. Easier said than done, however. This is where students get their first-hand experience with websites and ranking with Google. Learning in class how Google ranks websites, allows students to go home and discover new avenues to further add to their website’s credibility – and ultimately their page rank.

One of the keys to succeeding on this project is learning through trial and error, different techniques that make your website more credible with Google. Creating credibility through techniques such as back-linking and content creation prove to Google that your site is high-quality. As students will learn, ensuring your website is of high quality will help you rank better and, ideally, in the number one spot for the two keywords.

As this project proceeds, students learn more and more about creating a website and ranking with Google – both of which are topics that are excellent to discuss in job interviews. Overall this class provides students with a great foundation of skills from which to build on while progressing through the Digital Marketing Program.

If you would like to see some examples of websites students have created, please click on the following links:,, and