By: Kiel Watson

They go by many names depending on where you eat; gyoza, potstickers or fried dumplings.

Call them what you whatever you want, these dough wrapped balls of ground meat and shredded veggies are amazing when made well and served with the right sauce.

Located on Ford Road. in Dearborn Heights, Dynasty Chinese Food is one of the hole-in-the-wall carry-out places you find everywhere, but a few things make it stand out.

There are a few tables for those that choose to dine in the restaurant, but when I came in near closing time all but one was occupied by the staff.

The decor was largely thrown together haphazardly and there was little English to be heard. All good signs for the quality of the food.

At Dynasty Chinese the potstickers were good, although a bit overly large.

Normally I wouldn’t say that the large portion size  is a bad thing, but in this case there was a bit too much dough resulting in a half-empty dumpling.

As a second appetizer and without knowing what to expect I tried the beef teriyaki. While some attempt was made to put the meat onto skewers, the generous portion of savory meat was practically a meal unto itself with some rice, and quite delicious.

For a main course I went for the mainstay American/Chinese General Tso’s.

For those out there who order delivery or don’t necessarily devour their food the moment it’s in front of them, fried chicken dishes can be troublesome.

They steam themselves in the takeout container rendering the food from many chinese restaurants a sauce-covered pile of mush in relatively short order.

Happily, Dynasty makes their chicken with a sturdy enough coating that the crunch was still there after this reviewer returned home with the food, and possibly made a drink or two before eating. I would expect any of their fried chicken entrees to hold up as well and from everything I sampled to be flavorful.

One of the greatest features of this restaurant isn’t the food, however.

The hours of operation and the fact that they deliver combine to make Dynasty Chinese Food not only a good option for take-out, but one of the better late night food options in the area.

With the exception of Sunday when they close at 10:30, they are open until 11:30 or later and will drive the food to your door making this an excellent alternative to a drive through for a late night meal.