Do re mi fa so hype that Blackbear dropped his newest album, Cybersex, just over a week ago.

Four months after releasing his Billboard charting album, Digital Druglord, Blackbear announced via Instagram what his next project would be.

A month later in September he released the track “froze over” on his SoundCloud, but left fans guessing if the track would be on his next project. The SoundCloud song is now on the album as part of an interlude.

He released several singles off of the album throughout October and finally dropped, Cybersex, last Monday, on his birthday.

Cybersex is different from Digital Druglord. Previous projects, the lyrics are written from heartbreak, on Cybersex Blackbear is rapping from a new perspective. He is still not over his ex, but realizes that he has to move on and live it up without her.

The lyrics are focused around his celebrity lifestyle and the beats on this project are harder than previous ones. On top of this new sound, blackbear has features from some of the best to do hip-hop/r&b with big names like T-Pain, 2 Chainz and Rick Ross.

This 14-song tracklist opens with “gucci linen.” This was one of the singles Blackbear released prior to the album and received much love from fans. He sets the tone with this song by rapping about his fame and success and having 2 Chaniz as the feature adds to it.

Following with the vibe of the celebrity lifestyle, the next few songs are about just that. Blackbear flexes about his boujee style with “bright pink tims” featuring Cam’ron. “Playboy S**t” featuring lil aaron and “e.z” featuring Machine Gun Kelly come next where Blackbear goes off about women, love and drugs and on “playboy s**t” he lowkey calls out former flame Halsey.

The album moves into “post break up life” on the second half. On “anxiety” Blackbear sings to the pop beat, ‘when you’re not here with me I get anxiety.’ Switching from feels to f you real quick with the lyrics ‘I hope that I’m the reason that you can’t sleep/I hope that your whole life sucks without me’ on the track “I hope your whole life sux.”

On the song “down 4 u” featuring T-Pain the sick electronic-like beats mixed with T-Pain’s autotune voice makes it a hit hands down and similar to the electronic pop beats on the track “up in this” featuring Tinashe.

Blackbear has Ne-Yo on the track “top priority” where the two sing about making a girl their world. Ne-Yo’s smooth verse puts this into my top three tracks from the album with the lyric ‘smile like sunshine/but let a chick talk slick just one time.’

The sound of “g2g ttyl” reminded me of Blackbear’s collab project, mansionz, with Mike Posner. He teams up with FRND on this track for an acoustic song about taking a break from the Cali dating life and is ranked in my top three.

The final song on the project takes the final slot of my top three, “santa monica & la brea.” Blackbear has no features on this track and sings softly to the chill beats about the what-ifs that go through our minds after a break up.

Cybersex is a 10/10 would recommend if you liked digital druglord and mansionz. Although he switched up his sound on this project, I sensed vibes from both of those projects on this one. It was a good mix of pop and r&b/soul with some sweet hip-hop features.