By: Phillip Lutz, Sports Editor

Star Wars is a huge phenomenon that spans the generations.

The newest installment comes out December 15 all over the country and will be the most watched movie for the weekend. The biggest thing that The Last Jedi will bring to the franchise is the continuation of the Skywalker story.

Who is the last Jedi? That is the big question.

Some fans think it is Luke Skywalker. Some are emphatically saying it is Rey? Or is it some unknown to this point?

Director Rian Johnson says that the last Jedi will be named in the movie. He also has to settle the parentage of Rey. J.J. Abrams who directed The Force Awakens says that Rey’s parents were named in the movie but it was hidden. No one has been able to formally discover who Rey’s parents really are.

The fans are all abuzz with theories ranging from: she is a Kenobi, or Skywalker, or even a miraculous conception like Anakin Skywalker was in The Phantom Menace. Whoever her parents are it is clear they left her on the planet Jakku to keep her safe from something. This will become clear in this movie or the Star Wars community will go crazy.

This movie will also tell us where Luke Skywalker has been and why he has been in hiding for all these years. Why did R2-D2 leave his side and go into power down mode? Many fans think that all the movies (except Rouge One) have been told from R2-D2’s perspective. If this is true, is R2-D2 the real main character in the Star Wars universe? Does it really matter?

The Last Jedi will be a pivotal movie in this trilogy with more battle scenes and hopefully more space battles than in The Force Awakens. The movie will also show the identity of supreme leader Snoke and how he seduced Kylo Ren (Ben Solo) to the dark side. The audience will see Snoke in physical form in this movie not just a hologram.

How will Kylo Ren and the First Order respond to the Resistance destroying their Starkiller base? What has happened to the galaxy after the First Order destroyed the Halmad system? The Resistance is led by a group of castoffs including General Leia Organa (Solo). Organa, once a senator in the galactic senate, now is the fearless leader of the only force that will challenge the First Order that came out of nowhere to become a dominant force in the galaxy.

How will the Resistance deal with the death of Han Solo? Many people have scores to settle with Kylo Ren after he killed Solo (his father). Ace pilot Poe Dameron, and Finn are high up on the list as they have personal vendettas against Ren from The Force Awakens. Dameron was captured and tortured by Ren and wants payback. Finn (Fn-2187), being a former First Order Stormtrooper, took Rey’s lightsaber and had a devastating dual with Ren that left him in great distress at the end of the battle. In trailers for The Last Jedi, Finn is out of his coma and fighting the First order. Especially Captain Phasma (his old boss).

The Force Awakens was a go between movie to introduce the new warriors that battle the dark side of the force. This moviezz will be the real deciding movie and may be just like The Empire Strikes Back was for the original trilogy. The First Order may win this round so the Resistance will eventually prevail in episode nine. But how the movie will play out is a huge mystery yet to play out.

Make sure you check out the big names making cameos in The Last Jedi. It has been made known that Prince William and Prince Harry will make their screen debuts as Stormtroopers in the movie escorting Finn. It is also known that Benicio Del Toro will join the Star Wars universe as a new bad guy. It has not been said who he will be or how long he will be in the movie as of yet.

What are you most looking forward to in this movie? When are you seeing it? How many times will you see it opening weekend? Personally I will see it December 14 and will probably see it at least once more before the weekend is over. Get your tickets now as theaters are filling up fast.

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