By: Sarah Martin, News Editor

Michigan State Police will have more officers patrolling the Southfield Freeway (M-39) according to their Twitter page. The increased patrol is the result of numerous complaints about speeding, as well as distracted and aggressive driving.

Allen Park Police will also be patrolling along M-39.

The Southfield Freeway is a popular route for students commuting to UM-Dearborn, and some have seen the need for increased patrols on the road.

“I see (dangerous drivers) almost every day,” said senior engineering major Kelsey Vukas. “I even got rear ended on the ramp leaving school a few years ago.”

Within the first two days of the patrol, Michigan State Police pulled over more than 60 cars. Individuals were pulled over for speeding, distracted driving, tailgating, and multiple lane changes. They also pulled over four individuals with warrants.

On Jan. 4, Michigan State Police saw a “drastic reduction in aggressive driving behavior,” according to their Twitter page.

The Michigan State Police’s Special Enforcement Section will be patrolling M-39 “for awhile” and are specifically looking for individuals speeding. The speed limit on M-39 is 55 mph.

Individuals who speed 10 mph or less over the speed limit can receive 2 points on their driving record, according to the Michigan Secretary of State website. Between 11 and 15 mph is a 3-point violation, and anything above 16 mph is a 4-point violation. Reckless driving is considered a 6-point violation. All points violations increase during bad weather or road conditions.

Points will remain on a driving record for 2 years in Michigan. Drivers that accumulate 12 or more points within that time frame may have their license suspended.

If you are pulled over, Michigan State Police stated on their Twitter to “continue on to a safe spot before you stop,” if the shoulder is blocked instead of stopping in the right lane.