By NICOLE LOSEK, Arts & Entertainment Editor

I think it is safe to say that 2017 was a fire year for music. The singles, mixtapes and albums that dropped each month kept us sane through the ups and downs of 2017–touching in all genres, too.

I took to my friends and Twitter and attempted to narrow down the best albums of 2017, so let’s review.

  1. Reputation – Taylor Swift

Reputation just made the cut this year. If you have been following up with the Michigan Journal, you can refrence two reviews of Taylor’s jump back into pop music.

  1. Freudian – Daniel Ceasar

Daniel Ceasar pieced together a beautiful album and exposed all feelings on this calming R&B album. “Get You” and “The Best Part” are personal favorites and must listens if you haven’t checked out the album.  

  1. SYRE – Jaden Smith

Jaden Smith broke into the hip-hop culture with this debut album to show the world who Jaden Smith really is. “Ninety” is my favorite song from this project.

  1. Good For You – Aminé

Aminé dropped Good For You at the end of July and this became my album for the rest of summer. This debut studio album for the rapper is filled with bangers like “Spice Girl” and the hit that droped over a year ago “Caroline.”

  1. Harry Styles – Harry Styles

Harry Stlyles’ debut solo studio album was the perfect departure from his boy band reputation. The self titled project is a mix between Britpop and soft rock. The lead single “Sign of the Times” never fails to put you in your feels.

  1. Fun Wav Bounces Vol. 1 – Calvin Harris

Dropping just as summer is begining, Calvin Harris put together a album with some of the best. Frank Ocean lent his vocals and Quavo and Offset did their thing on the first track “Slide” making it a hit of the summer.

  1. Lust for Life – Lana Del Ray

The fifth studio album for Lana Del Ray is one she claims was for her fans. The singer-songwriter described the aesthetic of the album as a “retro sensibility with a futuristic flare.”

  1. War and Leisure – Miguel

After dropping in December, songs from this album have been on constant rotation in my playlists. “Sky Walker” featuring Travis Scott was the lead single from the song and one of my favorites. “Now” and “Criminal” are also must listens off this project. Miguel’s fourth studio album earned it’s spot on the top 20 list.  

  1. 4:44 – Jay-Z

The goat returned this summer with his long awaited thirteenth studio album. The project went platinum in slaes less than a week after it’s release and it was no surprise to see this suggested for the top albums of this year, but it was a surprise to see it not make the top 10.

  1. There’s Really A Wolf – Russ

After dropping single after single, Russ finally blessed fans with his debut studio album in May. This project is full of tracks that will hype you up and also bring you back down into your feels. Hands down one of favorites that dropped this year.

  1. Grateful – DJ Khaled

After dropping “Shinning” with Beyoncé and Jay-Z and “I’m The One” in April, it was clear that Grateful was going to be the album for the summer. A track with Justin Bieber, Quavo, Chance the Rapper and Lil Wayne was a big move for DJ Khaled that secured this track as song of the summer and this album in the top 10.

  1. Life Changes – Thomas Rhett

As someone who is not a country fan, I can’t say much about this album. However, Thomas Rhett stole my heart with the song “Marry Me” and after hearing country fans rave about this album, it was clear it needed to be on the list.

  1. Flower Boy – Tyler, The Creator

As someone who is not a fan of Tyler, Creator’s music, I admire him for his creativity and they way he showcases it. I’ve heard nothing but good reviews about this project, so I am not surprised this earened a spot in the top 10.

  1. ÷ (Divide) – Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran didn’t fail to disappoint with his third stuido album. After dropping in March, tracks stayed relevant throughout the rest of the year. More recently, “Perfect” has become a raido repeat. Another one of my favorite albums from this year.

  1. True to Self – Bryson Tiller

I didn’t think Bryson Tiller could top Trapsoul, but True to Self came pretty close. This much anticipated album was on rotation throughout the summer and into the fall. “Run Me Dry” and “We Both Know” are some of my favorites from this project.

  1. Ctrl – SZA

A previous “Artist Attention” subject for the Michigan Journal, it was no suprise nor no question that Ctrl would be in the top 5. SZA created what almost every girl wanted and needed to hear.

  1. Culture – Migos

Migos set the tone for 2017 with this project. After dropping Culture in January, the trio stayed relevent throughout the year appearing on single after single with their fire verses.

  1. I Decided. – Big Sean

Don, Don, Don, made the top 3 with no suprise to me. I listened to this album for a solid 2 months after it dropped and “No Favors” and “Owe Me” are some of my favorites to today.

  1. American Teen – Khalid

Khalid’s debut studio album was iconic. He puts you right back into high school with this project. American Teen was on loop for a straight week after it dropped. Hands down one of my favorites.

  1. DAMN. – Kendrick Lamar  

King Kenny earned his spot as number one this year with DAMN. After releasing HUMBLE. I anxiously awaited the rest of the project and was not disappointed. It’s too hard to pick a few favorites, but one that is still on my playlists today is LOVE. Kung Fu Kenny killed it with this album.

The albums we were blessed with this year were too good to just do a basic top 10. In order to hit across the board in genres, a top 20 was needed. I hope reminising on the albums of 2017 triggered some nostalgia in you, but no worries, 2018 is looking promising in the music world.