By: Sarah Martin, News Editor

The University of Michigan-Dearborn Informational Technology Services (ITS) announced last month that UMD-Wireless was phased out on Dec. 21. ITS recommends students and faculty switch to UMD-Secure, which is fastest Wi-Fi option on campus, is encrypted, and will never timeout the session.

MGuest replaces UMD-Wireless as the guest network option and is already in service. It will feature better security than UMD-Wireless, but will have a slower connection speed, browsing limitations, and require login every time you start a new session.

A third option for those visiting University of Michigan-Dearborn from another university is eduroam. Eduroam is used in select campuses across the United States to allow visiting students or faculty the option have having fast and secure Wi-Fi even if they aren’t a part of that university.

It functions similar to UMD-Secure that it requires you to log in once, and your credentials are remembered for that location. Eduroam is not as fast as UMD-Secure, but offers the same level of security and no browsing limitations. UMD-Secure will remain the primary Wi-Fi for students and faculty with no changes expected in the near future.