By: Sarah Martin, News Editor

Dearborn Police stated on NextDoor, a neighborhood watch website, that several cars have been stolen while warming up and left unattended. The police urged residents to not leave their keys in the ignition or leave the car as it is “an excellent opportunity for a car thief to steal a vehicle.”

Dearborn Police recommended remote starters, which will place the car in accessory mode and heat the car while the doors remained locked. Remote starters work from a distance, and are more common on newer vehicles. They can be purchased aftermarket and attach to a key fob like a regular car key. They can be purchased at car dealers, auto shops, or stores like BestBuy.

Police also advised residents to remove valuables (such as GPS units, laptops, money) and anything containing personal information (vehicle title, registration, insurance) from cars. Windows should also be rolled up and doors locked at all times if the vehicle is left in the driveway or in front of the house.

Students who witness suspicious activity on campus can call University of Michigan-Dearborn Campus Safety at (313) 593-5333. Students and Faculty living in Dearborn can report suspicious activity anonymously by calling (313) 943-3030.