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EXO’s hit song “Power” from their 4th repackaged album The War: The Power of Music just became the first ever K-pop song to be played in the famous Dubai Fountain show alongside artists like Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston.

The Hallyu stars (minus Lay and D.O.) traveled to Dubai on Jan. 16 to witness the historic premier of the song. K-pop is growing in popularity all over the world—especially in the Middle East—but when the members were welcomed by an impressive crowd of fans at the airport and the fountain, it surprised even them.

“I’ve been living here for eight years and I’ve never seen this many people crowd the fountain,” said @glittrsoo on Twitter.

Dubai EXO fans also prepared many gifts for the group including cakes, treats, and frames with their names written in Arabic.

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Many people are surprised at the extensive amount of media coverage—in Dubai and all over the world—the group has been garnering for the event as well. 

“My twitter feed is overpopulated with coverage of EXO in Dubai. #EXOPowerDubai is the most trending hashtag in the city. Can I admit I’ve never heard of them before?” said reporter Zahraa Alkhalisi on Twitter.

“Have never listened to @weareoneEXO’s music, but can we just appreciate how well-mannered and humble these young gentlemen came across during their Dubai presser today? #WelcomeToDubaiEXO,” said journalist Rachel McArthur on Twitter.

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When the show started the members sang and danced along in awe as “Power” played at the fountain for the first time, and fans sang along in Korean and even did the fan-chants. When the song was over, the members huddled in a circle and shouted their slogan, “EXO saranghaja!” which means “Let’s love!” in Korean.

The fountain show is the largest choreographed fountain system in the world and attracts millions of tourists every year—meaning EXO is representing K-pop on a global scale. The members said they’d like to come back to Dubai for a concert some day after seeing how many EXO fans are there. 

EXO is making history in others way too, as they were the only Asian act on the list of the world’s top selling albums of 2017 at No. 19. According to Gaon chart, The War sold a total of 1.6 million copies–and combined with their special winter album, the group sold 2.1 million albums overall in 2017.

Since all four of EXO’s full-length albums have sold over a million copies, something once unimaginable in K-pop, they are now crowned as quadruple million sellers.

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