By: Phillip Lutz, Sports Editor

This movie was aca-forgettable.

Even though the first two movies were a success, this movie is definitely a renter in my opinion.

It seemed forced and the plot itself was light on content. The movie focused on the normal suspects and their time outside of school.

Beca (Anna Kendrick) is stuck in a dead-end job as a movie producer trying to make artists better, and finally quits her job over creative disagreements. She shares an apartment with Fat Amy (Rebel Wilson) who is unemployed and freelancing doing odd things.

Chloe (Brittany Snow) is just floating through life searching for a purpose. As always!

As the movie progresses, Emily (Hailee Steinfeld), who is the leader of the Bardon Bellas, invites the old group to come out for a reunion meeting. This turns out to be the old Bellas watching the new Bellas perform–not a true reunion.

The old Bellas all meet at a bar afterwards and are looking dejected and sad. They toast to better times and they decide they want to sing together again.

One Last Time.

Aubrey (Anna Camp) says she can get her dad to get them into the USO tour so they can sing again as a group. Aubrey, like all the Bellas, is fed up with her life and wants a change.

The Bellas land in Rota, Spain, and are met by their bodyguard and protector Chicago (Matt Lanter). He informs them about what they are really doing there and that the tour is really a competition.

Chloe is instantly seeing stars and hearing music whenever she sees Chicago. Chloe learns about the prize from the tour and goes crazy trying to become the group that will open for DJ Khaled.

Fat Amy is seen frazzled as she is thrown into her past when she finds a stuffed animal in her hotel room and sees a man that looks like her father Fergus (John Lithgow). It is explained that she ran away from him many years ago because of his criminal past. She is reunited with him and he tries to lavish her with gifts. Fergus asks Amy to come with him and they will live the life she has always wanted to. She was left with a secret bank account from her mother containing millions of dollars that Fergus desperately wants. By any means necessary.

Amy tells her father she wants nothing to with him and she walks off. Fergus vows to get the money and that they will meet again soon.

The Bellas try to start a riff-off with the other groups on the USO tour and it quickly gets out of hand.  They cannot keep up. The other groups put on quite a show and really made the Bellas think about changing how they do things.

The other groups are:

Evermoist, an all-girl group that can really rock. They’re very cold to the Bellas and really get the crowds going with their rock ‘n’ roll.

Saddle Up is a country band that is a band in real life. They put their spin on things and give the embattled Bellas a run for their money.

There is also a duo of DJ Looney and Young Sparrow (Trinidad James) who have a fresh take on music. Looney also is taken with Lily (Hana Mae Lee) who puts in a quiet performance in this movie.

The Bellas figure out early that they are in a dog fight with the other groups and they decide to “slut up,” according to Fat Amy, and go to the casino that DJ Khaled is staying at to show him who they really are. Beca runs into Khaled’s producer and he shows her his sound recording board and lets her try it out.

While she is experimenting with the board, the Bellas accidentally light Khaled’s suite on fire and release his personal bees from their hive. Beca accidentally records herself singing and makes a huge impression of Khaled. She is offered to sign with him and open up for him at the final show (the prize all the groups are after).

Beca says no because she doesn’t want to do that to her friends.

Amy is called by her father, who has kidnapped her friends, and says that unless she gives him access to the bank account he will kill them all. Amy and Beca row out to Fergus’ boat to save the Bellas.

Amy systematically takes out the entire staff of bodyguards and crew. She also jumps through a sunroof on the boat and saves the Bellas. Fergus is arrested.

Who knew Fat Amy was an action hero!

The Bellas are told that Beca is the winner and it makes all of them happy. It also gives them all a purpose in life. Beca closes out the USO show with her first solo song as she goes into the crowd grabbing the Bellas to back her up and signify her emergence as an artist.

Beca uses this performance to show she has found her way and now the Bellas are no more. Each of the Bellas go their own way in life and are happy.

This movie was ok, but it would have been better with the Trebble Makers once again in it. They were always a better group than the Bellas in my opinion.

The Bell’s are hopefully done after this movie. It did not have the same flare and fire as the first one. This movie did give some more background into the characters, but it was not worth the time spent to see this ending to the cast and singing group.